Thanks to all those that help raise
funds for High Mead Farm

High Mead Farm is a Community Interest Company and as such is a not-for-profit organisation. For us to continue to grow and develop the site we rely on funding for our projects. Converting our 1950’s farm buildings to a functioning centre for the community is a lifelong dream of Founder Mark Gregory. We have had so much help over the last ten years but we still have a lot to do.

March 2024

Following the rather wet weather that we have suffered through January and February this year even our ducks were feeling a bit muddy, but rescue came from a donation from  Thanks to 

Thank you.

Donated   Wood Chip

February 2024 – £140

The White  Hart at Longham hosted a Beer and cheese pairing night on 22 February 2024, hosted by Mark Woodhouse from Hall and Woodhouse.  It was a sell out and after expenses the pub were able to donate £140 to High Mead Farm

Thank you

Donated  £500.00

February 2024

We were invited down to  Bluebirds Social Club in Ferndown to  the BSA Owners Club (BSAOC) meeting and were  surprised and delighted to receive a cheque for £500.  This is a tremendous amount of money for us!  Steve, one of our Volunteers gave a brief talk about the farm and received the cheque on behalf of High Mead Farm.


Huge thanks to them all for their hard work. They have raised the money for us  mainly from a raffle held at their Christmas meeting, and by selling a calendar of their members bikes.  On top of that, they saved any monies made throughout the year through members selling parts at the auto jumble with the members contributing.

Thank you.

lom page banner

January 2024

The Lodge of Meridian have donated us £500 which we have used to finish off the division between the 2 fields in the pony paddock, to keep them safe, plus 2 gateposts, postcrete and more wiring, to help maintain the farm.

Thank you.

Donated   £500
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January 2024

Thank you to St Johns Church Wimborne, for donating us 30 straw bales, the animals will love the warm bedding.

Thank you.

October 2023

Viva Voce kindly held a charity concert in our honour at the Allendale Centre Wimborne, in October 2023, £450 raised, was gratefully received, and will go a long way to help us continue our work at the farm.

Thank you.

Raised   £450
Awarded  £182.00

September 2023

A wonderful and thoughtful donation recieved from The Renegade Scooter Club, We had a lovely presentation at The White Hart, the money is going to be used to revamp our much loved cart, in desperate need of a make over.

Thank you.

Many Thanks to Councillor Lawrence Wilson and Jane Benton from Ferndown Town Council for presenting us with a cheque for £400 from Ferndown Town Council – We will  be using it to create a new Ferret hut – creating lots of enrichment, including tunnels and a new outdoor escape proof area

We will be inviting you back for the great unveiling !

July 2023

We had a corporate day  with volunteers from Evelyn Partners to Volunteer at the Farm and to help make the raised beds for wheelchair users, Thanks to their hard work we can now offer more accessable facilities.

Thank you.

Spring Fayre

May 2023

A massive thankyou for supplying us with volunteers to help us make this years spring fayre asuch a roaring success.

We had a fantastic day

Thank you for your help

Awarded  £9,771

March 2023

We had a lovely time meeting everyone at Ferndown Golf Club and collecting another generous donation. Thank you all so much for your generosity, and for choosing High Mead Farm as your charity and raising nearly £10,000 in total

Thank you.

Mollie’s passing was sudden and unexpected and has come as a huge shock to us all. She was a big part of High Mead and much loved; she will be dearly missed. During her six years with us as a therapy horse she made such an impact on so many people’s lives, the difference she made is immeasurable and we are so incredibly proud of her and grateful to her. She was a great source of comfort, of hope and of joy. She was also often a source of mischief, but we think that was all part of her charm!

Collected   £800
Awarded  £250

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December 2022

Many thanks to Rob from The Lodge of Meridian, who raised £250 for the farm and we were presented with the cheque just before Christmas – thank you everyone for raising this money! 

Thank you.

December 2022

A big thank you to SCF hardware. A tradition at SCF is choosing to make a donation to charity instead of sending out Christmas cards to their customers, This year they have chosen to donate to us.

 We would like to wish them a very Merry Christmas from all of us here at High Mead Farm.
Thank you.

Awarded  £300
Awarded  £3,587
Ferndown Golf Club

October 2022

Many thanks for Sturminster Marshall who, over the last year, have been
holding fundraising events for us and we were amazed and delighted to be
received this cheque for £3587.00 – thank you so much everyone for all your
support. We are hoping to be able to put this towards creating a disable
path around the farm so our wheelchair users don’t get bogged down in the
Thank you.

Southern And West

August 2021

It is with many thanks to Southern and West Letting Agents. After their gruelling Mudder challenge! COVID didn’t keep you back and neither did the mud, a wopping £1,570 raised for the farm! 
Thank you.

Awarded  £1,570

July 2021

COVID-19 community support fund
COVID-19 presented a massive challenge to the very survival of the farm. Many regular Co-Farmers found themselves unable to visit due to underlying health conditions and those that did faced the added difficulties of complying with strict measures required to operate safely. As a result the Farm had to look to find other ways of ensuring that it could survive to provide full services again and in to the future.

The development of the Farm Shop is key to that strategy and displays the values of agility and innovation – values shared with Ultra. This new income stream will help the Farm become more resilient financially but also provide more opportunities for Co-Farmers to learn new skills and confidence.

Ultra’s donation will also support future aspirations such as “virtual” services, to help with social distancing (when used). Activities will include “live-streaming” with the animals and volunteers so that Co-Farmers who cannot be physically present can still experience the activities of the farm from the safety of their own homes, offering a feeling of connection and routine back to those whose lives have been so severely disrupted.

The High Mead Farm Shop was opened by the Mayor of Wimborne, Cllr Mrs Kelly Webb on 22 July 2021.

Thank you.

Awarded  £4,000
Awarded  £2,500
Donated  Laptop
Friends of Canford

July 2021
Huge thanks to Friends of Canford School’s donation of £2500 in June for funding towards the final push of our new Farm shop, which enabled us to open July 2021.

And a special thank you for the donation of a laptop, which will be used for the funding team, and staff, giving us an extra mobile workstation.

Thank you.

Ferndown Golf Club

March 2020
As one of the Captains’ chosen charities, Ferndown Golf club Captains and members, together with the Alliss Invitational Charity Golf Day committee, raised money to support the team at High Mead.

Thank you.

Awarded  £15,000
Churchill Retirement
Awarded  £2,000
Churchill Retirement

January 2020
We are so grateful to Churchill Retirement who actually contacted us and offered their help with fundraising. With special thanks to Vicky Swan. The funds are going towards the purchase of an ATV Mule 4×4 that will allow our less mobile clients to get around the farm with ease.

Thank you.

Radcliffe Trust

January 2020
We are so grateful that the Trust selected the Farm as their recipient. The funds have gone towards the improvements of the Craft Room and Classes.

Thank you.

Awarded  £2,000
Wimborne Camera Club

Sponsorship for 2020
We are so very grateful to the Wimborne Camera Club for selecting us as their chosen charity for 2020. We enjoyed working together. Collected a cheque for £184 on Monday 17th February.

Thank you.

The Forbes Charity

The Forbes Charity has reserved £2,500 towards the purchase of an ATV 4×4 Mule which will allow some of our clients who struggle with mobility to access the farm more freely. Everyone is excited and looking forward to riding on it. Watch this space.

Thank you.

Reserved  £2,500
Awarded  £25,000

CLA Charitable Trust

2017 – 2019
CLA Trustee Bridget Biddell visited the farm to observe our work and assess it against their funding criteria. Bridgit thoroughly enjoyed her visit and was very encouraged by the work we are doing and as a result we were awarded £25k toward the current farm projects. We are very grateful to CLA and looking forward to sharing with them how the projects are progressing.

A huge BIG thank you CLA

Breeze Volkswagen

December 2019
What amazing support from the all the guys at Breeze Volkswagen. A special thank you to Mark Langford for selecting the Farm as their chosen charity during their Christmas Jumper and BBQ day. Your continued support is very much appreciated.

Thank you.

Awarded  £808.42
Awarded  £1,500
Woodward Charitable Trust

November 2019
A further £1,500 towards the purchase of a ATV 4×4 Mule. Thank you for your kind funding.

Thank you.

Jan Fisher Chettle Choir

October 2019
Thank you so very much for choosing us as your charity and raising funds that went towards the Craft Room improvements.

Thank you.

Awarded  £500
Reserved  £2,863

Wimborne Beer Festival

October 2019
What a great weekend had by all. Thank you to James and the gang for selecting the Farm as their chosen charity.

Thank you.

Chettle Dinner

October 2019
Thank you to Rosamond Sweet-Escott for selecting High Mead Farm as their chosen charity. The proceeds of the dinner went towards the Craft Room improvements.

Thank you.

Awarded  £1,900

October 2019 – £1,000
Paul Stroud, the Landlord at the White Hart, his lovely wife Carol and their team, are one of our biggest advocates. The pubs Book Club selected High Mead Farm as their chosen charity and presented Mark Gregory with the cheque. The money went towards the purchase of our WW2 tent – which is being put to great use.

Thank you guys for your continued support

2014 – £1,250
2015 – £500

2017 – £1,800
We attended the Awards Evening and where presented with a cheque for £1,800 for the purchase of a new Chicken Coop to house our growing family of happy hens and a few cockerels. The coop now has a beautiful plague and named “Hall and Woodhouse” Thank you.

2019 – £1,500
We attended the Awards Evening and where presented with much needed funds to renew one of our poly-tunnel skins which was weathered and full of holes. This is an area that many of our clients access to assist with sowing, weeding, watering and harvesting the vegetables that we sell.

Thank you

Awarded  £5,050
Awarded  £2,500

2017 – £1,500
2018 – £1,000

“Our Champions”. Ferndown Council have been supporting the Farm over the last 3 years. Cllr. Jean Read recently nominated us as her “Charity” during her mayoral term. We are very grateful for the continued support. In 2017 we were awarded £1,500 towards improvements to our Craft Room. In 2018 a further £1,000 was awarded for the purchase of a chicken coop.

Thank you Ferndown Council

2018 – £1,000
We purchased a new shinny strimmer and lawnmower with the funds received. Most of our garden equipment has been donated over the years so everyone was very excited to receive new equipment.

Thank you.

Awarded  £1,000
Awarded  £16,000

2016 – £12,000
We have had huge local community support around Ferndown and as a result the Farm was awarded £12k. We were able to update our equine enclosure to make it much more comfortable for Daphine the donkey, Molly the horse, Domino, Skyler and Rosie the resident Shetland ponies, all of whom are very grateful. Thank you.

2018 – £4,000
Yet more amazing support from Tesco Bags of Help / Groundworks. We are creating a Sensory Garden area and the funds have gone towards some amazing sculptures and seating. This will be a calm environment full of wonderful smells, textures and visually pleasing where people can sit peacefully and enjoy the outdoors.

Thank you

October 2018
Thank you again J.P Morgan for your continued support and granting us funds that went towards much needed garden equipment. We purchased a strimmer and lawnmower.

Thank you.

Awarded  £500
Awarded  £3,375

July 2018
The trust donated £3,375 towards the purchase and installation of our prefab WC unit. This will enable us to hold our festivals without the need of hiring toilets, which is a huge savings.

Thank you Talbot Village Trust.

Sylvia Waddilove Foundation

April 2018
The Foundation awarded the Farm £2,600 towards the purchase of an Animal Feed Storage. This will be of huge benefit as it will keep the animal feeds dry and away from the temptation of the local foxes. The rats will have to find a different grocery store!

Many thanks to the Sylvia Waddilove Foundation

Sylvia Waddilove Foundation Logo
Awarded  £2,600